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Ways to save money is all around us. I use many different methods and apps to save and/or earn money. I’m going to start my posts the same way I started my savings: coupons. Everyone knows about coupons, but do you know where to get coupons and how to optimize your savings?


Where do yMoney Heartou get coupons from?

  1. Newspaper – I started getting my coupons via the newspaper. Most of the time there are discounted subscriptions if you’re not a current subscriber. You really only need the Sunday paper for the coupons. I prefer getting the Wednesday paper as well so I can get the weekly grocery ads. If you don’t want to get a newspaper subscription, there are other places to get newspaper coupons. I have asked family members, coworkers and friends to give me their newspaper coupons after they have gone through them. Check your local Dollar Tree for the newspaper as well because they are still only $1, and you are usually allowed to get 3 per person. The general rule for newspaper coupons is 1 paper per family member. My husband and I have 3 kids, so I try to get at least 5 papers. Sometimes I only get 2 or 3 and that’s okay too.
  2. Online – There are multiple websites you can print out coupons. My favorite website for printing coupons is I have found that a lot of coupons available in the newspaper are also available on I use these to help supplement when I don’t have enough of the newspaper copies. The coupons available online do change once in awhile and keep in mind that you can only print 2 of the same coupon from one computer. If you want more than 2 of the same coupon, you’ll need access to another computer.
  3. Magazines – Some magazines have coupons on some of the pages that I cut out and keep with my coupons. One of my magazines always come in a bag with a smaller coupon insert (usually for Glade products). Look around at the magazines you already have and see if maybe there are coupons that you could be using.

When you first get started, it’s best to find a method of organizing your coupons. Since I work all day, I leave my coupons in the inserts and cut them out as I need them. Once they are cut out, I put them in an envelope with the name of the store on the outside. Some people cut out all of their coupons and organize it with dividers based on the category. I have also seen the coupons be organized in a file folder based on the date they came in the newspaper or mail.

Once you decide how to organize your coupons, it’s time to find all of the deals!Savings Bank

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