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Buying a New Phone

You know that feeling when you love your phone, then it suddenly stops working? Unfortunately I have had that feeling that last couple of weeks. I had had a LG G3 phone for almost 2 full years when the SIM Card reader stopped working. I took it down to the AT&T store, but when they tried to hook it up to the machine, it couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I had two options: I could pay the $100 deductible for a new phone and return my broken phone, or I could pay out of pocket for a new phone and keep my broken phone (that still works great on wifi as a tiny tablet).

LG Phoenix 2

Well, I went searching on Amazon and I knew I wanted at least 16GB in my phone for all of the money-saving apps that I use. I found this phone, and although I wasn’t excited about getting another LG, we plan on changing carriers next year so I’ll probably only use this phone for about 6 months.     51ceomevayl-_sy90_


Since we’re getting ready to take a big family (Virginia City, Jelly Belly Factory, Golden Gate Bridge, and Disneyland), I wanted to be able to save as much money as possible. I was able to use my Amazon gift card balance and Amazon Payments (like PayPal, but for Amazon) and paid $0 OOP!! All of the money in my gift card account and Amazon Payments account came from doing various surveys, rebates, offers, etc in my spare time!